When it comes to HVAC products in Duluth, GA, your air handler unit (AHU) plays a vital role in your family’s comfort. The AHU is the indoor unit of your HVAC system. It holds the components that distribute conditioned air throughout your home: the blower, air filter, and coils.

If your AHU is more than 12 years old, it probably operates at a single speed. A new single-speed AHU can improve your family’s comfort because newer models use better materials that increase reliability and efficiency. The real benefit of a new air handler, however, is the availability of variable-speed technology.

Unlike a single-speed AHU, which runs at full capacity and then shuts off, a variable-speed AHU runs continuously, but it rarely runs at full capacity. Instead, it runs at the level that matches the cooling demand, which takes your comfort to a whole new level.

Healthier Indoor Air

As your HVAC system runs, air flows through a filter which traps dirt, allergens, and other pollutants that contaminate your air. The longer it runs, the greater the airflow, which means more contaminants are removed. Although you’ll have to check your air filter more frequently, the payoff in clean, fresh air is worth it.

More Consistent Temperatures

When your HVAC system constantly stops and starts, you can feel the temperature difference when it’s running compared to when it isn’t. With a variable-speed AHU, these temperature fluctuations are virtually nonexistent.

Lower Humidity Levels

A byproduct of running your air conditioner is dehumidification. The longer your HVAC system runs, the more efficiently it removes moisture from the air. Efficiency is especially critical with the high humidity levels homeowners experience in Duluth, GA, and the surrounding communities.

We’re proud to carry Trane HVAC products because we know we can rely on their durability, energy efficiency, and competitive pricing. For more information about the AHUs we offer at Arcadia HVAC, check out our air handler products page or call one of our comfort specialists at 770-814-6220.

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