If you’re looking for a better way to heat and cool your Loganville, Georgia home, look no further than variable-speed heat pumps. These innovative, ultra-efficient systems provide unbeatable all-in-one comfort in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Slow and Steady Performance

The main feature of variable-speed heat pumps is, of course, the ability to operate at varying power levels. More specifically, variable-speed systems constantly match the output of the unit to the thermal load of your indoor space. Despite operating almost continuously, this low-and-slow approach provides substantial energy savings. It also produces a more consistently comfortable indoor environment without the noticeable temperature fluctuations produced by conventional units.

Constant Humidity Control

“It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.” As any local can attest, there’s a lot of truth in this simple proverb. While ordinary heat pumps can cool your home quickly, they don’t always run long enough to adequately lower humidity levels. Fortunately, variable-speed heat pumps excel at keeping North Georgia’s sticky summer weather in check. Because they’re nearly always providing gentle cooling, they’re able to constantly pull excess moisture from the air. This makes them highly effective at controlling humidity regardless of the air temperature.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Residential indoor air quality is an important and underappreciated issue that can have potentially serious consequences for your health and wellness. A good HVAC filter can help to remove harmful contaminants, but only when air is flowing through it. By maintaining air circulation virtually around the clock, variable-speed systems give your filter a lot more time to do its job. This results in cleaner air, a cleaner home, and a cleaner HVAC system, which may even reduce wear and tear.

For the ultimate in steady and efficient home climate control, call the dedicated comfort specialists at Arcadia HVAC today. From our premium variable-speed heat pumps to our low-cost professional installation services, we’ve got everything you need to experience unparalleled comfort and luxury.

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