Ductless HVAC multi-split and mini-split systems may be the most efficient and advanced heating and cooling technology available. Using ductless HVAC equipment can help you ensure that your home meets or exceeds your highest personal comfort standards every day of the year in Snellville, GA.

Ductless HVAC and Home Zoning

With zoned HVAC, you no longer have to heat and cool the rooms you barely use. Instead, you can maintain a different temperature in each room. You’ll save money right off the bat. Utility bills typically plummet when you no longer have a central heating and cooling system running 24/7 and gobbling energy left and right.

Mini-splits transport treated air from the outdoor unit to the wall-mounted indoor units instead of sending it through ductwork. Up to 30 percent of treated indoor air escapes through leaky ducts. Getting rid of ducts means getting rid of leaks so heating and cooling costs can go down.

Dedicated Thermostats

Every indoor unit in a ductless system is equipped with its own thermostat. Each thermostat can maintain a different temperature within the same household.

Zoned HVAC thermostats can be programmed to perform indoor temperature adjustments. The device will alert you if it detects any issues. ENERGY STAR tells us that programmable thermostats can cut utility bills by almost $200 per year.

Professional Installation Services

Ductless systems have an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handlers. Indoor units can be up to 50 feet from the outdoor unit. A slim refrigerant tube and an electrical power cable are used to connect the two units. Unlike central HVAC, ductless systems can usually be installed and up and running in just one or two days.

At Arcadia HVAC, we provide a full plate of home heating and cooling services from annual HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality improvement to professional installation services. Call us now to learn more about ductless HVAC, or visit us online to request an estimate.

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