While the start of spring is less than a month away on the calendar, homeowners in Duluth and Lawrenceville, Georgia, are still relying heavily on their heating systems for comfort. With another month or two of cold conditions to get through, there’s still time to tackle high heating costs while continuing to stay warm. Here are four tips to help:

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Although your ceiling fans don’t generate heat, they can redistribute it to make you feel warmer. As a result, your heating system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. If you haven’t already done so, make sure your ceiling fans are rotating in a clockwise direction on a low speed. This can cut high heating costs by up to 15 percent.

Take Advantage of Sunlight

While daylight saving time in Georgia doesn’t start until March 11 at 2:00 A.M., the days are already getting longer. Take advantage of that extra sunlight by opening your window treatments, especially on your south-facing windows. To trap as much of that heat inside your home, remember to close your curtains and blinds before sunset.

Turn the Thermostat Down

To avoid high heating costs, it’s important that you know how to operate your thermostat efficiently. During the winter, when you’re at home and awake, it shouldn’t be set higher than 68 degrees. When you leave home or go to sleep, turn it down a few degrees for savings. Remember to avoid extreme and expensive temperature variances.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance

It’s never too late in the season to invest in routine HVAC maintenance. Doing so will ensure your heating system maximizes efficiency, avoids repairs and lasts longer. Considering how busy HVAC contractors become as the temperatures warm, now’s the perfect time to schedule HVAC maintenance on your heater, air conditioner or both.

Arcadia HVAC is here to help you survive through the rest of the winter in comfort. If you’re interested in scheduling HVAC maintenance, contact us today at 770-814-6220 for fast, friendly and affordable service.

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