Heat pumps are among the most efficient methods for heating and cooling homes in Lawrenceville, GA. However, if your system is getting older it could make unusual sounds, even when operating normally. Strange noises can indicate it may be time for a for heat pump repair.

The Outdoor Components Need Attention

If you hear sounds coming from your outdoor unit, the compressor, you are probably in need of a heat pump repair. Some of the common issues with compressors that cause unusual sounds include:

  • Loose parts cause vibrating, buzzing, and rattling
  • Unbalanced fans or fans hitting ice, debris, or tubing cause vibrating popping, rattling, and metallic clanging sounds
  • Refrigerant issues cause rattling, popping, gurgling, or vibrating
  • Electrical problems can cause popping and buzzing
  • Failing motors cause vibrating and buzzing
  • Failing valves, contactors, or solenoids can cause vibrating, whooshing, or hissing

Issues with the Ductwork

Issues involving many different parts of your system can cause produce sounds that can be heard through ductwork. A professional HVAC contractor can help you determine whether these sounds are coming from the ducts themselves or from other parts of the system.

Problems with the Indoor Air Handler Unit

Most loud noises coming from an indoor air handler are caused by either age or poor installation. Weird noises from this part of your system may indicate:

  • Damaged belts, fans, pistons, valves, crankshafts, rods, or thermostat can cause clicking
  • Refrigerant leaks cause a buzzing or rattling
  • Loose parts can cause buzzing or rattling
  • A filter out of place causes whistling
  • Electrical issues can cause buzzing or humming

Possible reasons your heat pump is making loud noises include many other issues that a heat pump repair technician can identify. Your HVAC technician will also let you know if you need additional help from other kinds of service professionals.

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