Living in Winder, GA means that your air conditioner will have a considerable workload during the long, hot summers. The area’s warm weather extends from mid-spring through mid-autumn, and all this work can lead to problems with your AC compressor unit. Look out for these signs of a struggling compressor and make prompt arrangements for cooling system repairs to avoid a disruption of your comfort.

Unusual Noises

A failing AC compressor unit starts to make unusual sounds. You may notice chattering or ticking sounds. This comes from the electronic relay and contactors having a difficult time starting and stopping the compressor. Anything other than a soft humming sound requires investigation from experienced HVAC technicians.

Low Airflow

As an AC compressor unit ages, its ability to cool your home’s air weakens. A weak compressor unit first causes low airflow. You might notice that only a trickle of cool air comes from the vents. According to the Department of Energy, a broken compressor fan is a common cause of inadequate airflow.

Hard Starts

A properly functioning AC unit shouldn’t have trouble starting a cooling cycle. If your air conditioner shakes or vibrates when it starts, the compressor unit is in trouble. This is called a hard start, and it happens just before AC compressor units fail.

Tripped Breaker

In most homes, the air conditioner has its own dedicated circuit in the breaker box. If your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, a faulty compressor unit could be the reason. Malfunctioning AC compressor units often draw too much current. This extra current trips the breaker. Instead of continually flipping the breaker, get your air conditioner checked out. The breaker trips to protect your home’s electrical system from overheating and resetting it could create a hazardous situation.

To learn more about the signs of a failing AC compressor unit, take a look at Arcadia HVAC’s cooling system repairs, or contact us today for additional info.

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