One important distinction that separates Arcadia from our competition is we have no full time salespeople. All of our employees are skilled HVAC technicians that recommend new equipment only when you actually need it. And because there is nothing secret about our prices, the tech can give the homeowner a price on site, saving valuable time when you need your AC or heat the most. We never upsell options that you don’t really need. Be very cautious of salespeople who recommend HVAC products that don’t offer a return on your investment. Try this if you are getting an HVAC quote for new equipment:

1.Ask the person who is quoting you if they will be installing it also.

2.Then, ask if they have an HVAC license or NATE card.

Some folks call it overkill, but at Arcadia you will get a yes on both of these questions. It’s our way of ensuring we remain the hands-down highest quality HVAC installer you can hire. We are not too good to work and we do not cut corners! We have been surprising customers for over 40 years with our knowledge and hard work.

Your HVAC system is the most expensive appliance in your house, especially when you consider the monthly energy bills. The biggest mistake we see customers make is focusing on the price of the equipment more than the steps and procedures it takes to install the equipment. It would be better to have a builder grade unit like Goodman or Amana installed by an experienced, licensed professional than a premier Trane unit installed by someone without a NATE license. We love Trane and believe it is the finest equipment made, but it doesn’t do you any good without the knowledge and high-end tools to install it.

And most importantly, can you trust the contractor’s labor warranty to guarantee the unit will be repaired if it’s not running perfectly? Arcadia includes an industry best 2 year no questions asked labor warranty with every install for no additional charge. We walk the walk when it comes to ensuring your satisfaction. We install hundreds of systems a year and challenge you to find a dissatisfied will be looking for a while. The customer matters!


One of the major benefits of working with Arcadia is the high level of integrity we demand from all of our employees. Let’s be honest, this industry has its share of seedy characters that give the rest of the hard working technicians a bad name. One great way to discern between companies that do and do not employ high quality techs is the NATE certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, and is the benchmark for HVAC knowledge and skill. It is a very demanding test that only an experienced technician has a chance of passing. At Arcadia we have found the same tech that puts in the effort to learn and apply the information on the NATE test is the same tech that will not take shortcuts, and the same tech that respects every customer’s family and home as if it were his own. It’s the difference between a professional who takes pride in his work and a cheater trying to make a quick buck. This is a cornerstone of Arcadia’s long term success; always recommending the same thing we would for our own family. (and yes, we like our family:). It is the ONLY way we do business. Let us give you our honest and experienced opinion on what would best suite your needs. Let our family help yours!

After over 40 years in the business we know a thing or two about repairs. Given enough time most techs will find a way to fix the problem, but at Arcadia we pride ourselves on finding the problem AND the solution in the most timely manner possible, saving you valuable labor cost and getting you comfortable as fast as possible. The only way you, the customer, can be sure you’re getting a fair price is with flat rate pricing. We have the confidence and knowledge to guarantee you a price before we do the repair to eliminate worry of the tech taking too long and charging you for it.


Another proud distinction of Arcadia is not forcing our customers into service agreements. Service agreements are great if the system has any issues that need to be addressed yearly or if the system is getting old. After the 6th or 7th year in the life of an HVAC system it should be checked regularly for safety and efficiency. Service agreements are also convenient if you just don’t have enough time to change filters and do the basic maintenance your system requires. Once again, we go against the industry norm and will not try to shame you into an unnecessary service agreement. If you are interested in a service agreement we would love the opportunity to show not only our knowledge but also our appreciation for trusting us to keep your home comfortable. A lot of our customers do their yearly maintenance themselves and call us for repairs and replacements, many of our customers have done this for over 40 years!